Fear Less – “Twisted”(Prod. By Kamoshum)

You got me Twisted… every time I turn around, it’s some bullshit… You betta get ya mind right before you lose this.


Fear Less

Twisted is a track inspired by Keith’s Sweats “Twisted,” produced by Kamoshun and released last month; August 28th, 2020 on Spotify.

Fear Less puts her own spin on it by modernizing the message in a way that is genius and fitting for this Era of Hip Hop. Her eclectic tone infused with autotune creates a hypnotic sound that will put you in a trance. On this track she talks about a situationship that got her “twisted” and she’s on the brink of losin her cool. She ends the song with Totals’ hook; “Cuz I’m not going to be here for long.”

Fear Lesa is an up and coming Artist from Oakland Ca., who brings an eclectic, soulful hiphop feel to the music scene in the Bay Area. Dope song by a very creative and unique Artist.


Check out her new song on Spotify and follow her on IG@f3ar_l3ss.






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