Take Da Bag Wilson

ABM What is your stage name? What inspired your stage name?

At first it was Take Money Wilson, when I was trying to figure myself out, wilding out in the streets. As I grew and matured it became Take Da Bag Wilson, the Man you see today!

ABM: What is your story in terms of music, when did you start making music? 

Since I was a youngin, I’ve always been inspired. I actually wanted to sing, however I couldn’t sing lol. So, I started to rap..

ABM: How did your upbringing  influence your career?

I was the entertainer to my peers and my family. It’s always been in me, it just grew into my music.

ABM: Do you have any music visuals in the works?

Hit single Jungle, Hella Dat, and Target Practice on all major platforms.



Hella Dat



ABM: How do you feel about the protests, and the black lives matter movement?

100% behind BLM. I’m all for da cause but I also do believe that all lives matter we all gotta do better and do our part to make the change.

ABM: Do you have any other projects in the works?

The Urkel Pack Produced by Dat Nigga Dav.


Urkel Pack



ABM: What inspired you to pursue being an artist professionally?

Since I was a youngin I’ve always been inspired.

ABM: Do you have any other lanes in music that interest you?

Music to me is gateway to lots of different opportunities. I would like to get into video directing and acting one day. I also want to get into buying and selling property..open up a few businesses…

ABM: Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

5 years from now I hope to be in a better place an situation where I can take care of an make sure my family don’t won’t for nothing

ABM: Who are some of the musical influences that have inspired you?

Musical Influences are Tupac Biggie, Da Baby,  Too Short, 40, Philthy Rich and  Mike Jackson. I like alot of old school music cause I feel das where it all started. It’s good inspiration lol. I’m just influenced by a lot of different music I just love it!

ABM: Is there any artists you would like to work with in the future?

I’m open with working with anyone that’s dope, creative and passionate as I am.

ABM: Is there any last words or shout outs?

Shout out to the man above and ma mama Trina Jackson who made me! Lol

Tee Stone