Shady Nate – The Shady Project Vol. 2 Album

“A real Boss, know how to bounce back from a loss… Maneuver through tha Manure.”

– Shady Nate (Champs)

The “Shady Project Vol. 2”is one of the most anticipated albums by far this year. The set release date is April 3rd and it is going to be super lit. It’s a 14 track album with features, such as; Mistah Fab, Brody Loc, Mazarati Ric, Bruce Banna and his younger brother, Thrill.

Shady Nate also dubbed the #gasking has really been puttin in work this year. With the release of “Champs”, “Stay Humble” and “Pull Up” ft. HD, he has really set the bar high for what a true lyrical genuis is all about. Not only, is he droppin hit after hit, but he is also doing a stellar job at marketing and promoting himself to his fans and a bigger audience. Independent Artists out there can really take lessons from him. This Covid-19 and quarantine has proved to either make or break, fight or flight and he has chosen the latter. There’s no limit to what he can conquer and is hands down one of Bay Area’s most talented Hip Hop Artist out right now.



Tee Stone