Ramsey Entertainment Presents… International Blunt Funk 2 Album Release

“International Blunt Funk 2″

Release Date: 06/2020

“Put Your Lighter’s Up”

~Lil Kim


(Philthy Rich Introducing; International Blunt Funk 2)


Stone Ramsey announces the release of his long-awaited album on 05/2020,  which will be a fusion of Mobb Music, R&B/Soul and Ol’Skool Funk. This album features artists, songwriters, poets, producers and musicians from around the world like T-Baby Jaylee, Big Vedo, Keak Da Sneak, Shady Nate, Lorenzo Lamar, Clyde Carson, Philthy Rich, Mistah Fab, Young Gully, to name a few. The album is a follow-up to his 1997, Hip-Hop Classic Compilation; “International Blunt Funk,” which featured 3X Krazy, Tha Luniz and many other Bay Area Legacy Artists.



Stone Ramsey- Creator of the “International Blunt Funk,” brand.


1997 Hip Hop Classic Compilation Album; International Blunt Funk


Stone, 3X Kraxy, and Big Peanut


BandAide from the Hoodstarz, Shady Nate, Stone, Skyballa and Mac Prince


Keak Da Sneak, JJ, Jacka and Big Stone



So, what exactly does “Blunt Funk” represent and/or mean?

“Feel Good, Cannabis driven music connected by chords of consciousness…” ~ Stone Ramsey (Producer of International Blunt Funk)

Along with the album release; the debut of the first single and video will be “Blunt Funk” featuring Big Vedo. In this video, Vedo talks about the different hoods he grew up in and his experiences with cannabis from then to now. The video was shot by Junior Ward Productions and Hookerboyfilmz and Directed by Stone Ramsey. Most of “International Blunt Funk 2,”  was recorderd at the world-renowned, “Grill Studios” in Emeryville, California. Stone worked with producers, Tone Capone, Shawty Fresh, Carterboy, MixedByCrates and Lev Berlak. Ramsey also reported that they will have a tour planned for 2020. TBA







International Blunt Funk 2” is composed of 20 plus tracks that Ramsey personally handpicked just like the artists who are featured on the album. There are songs for all ages, hues, men and women. From anthem songs like “It Don’t Matter” with Hoods of America & Mistah Fab, “Thug Life” with Keak Da Sneak, Lorenzo Lamar and DB Tha General to soulful songs like “Shady Love,” with T Baby Jaylee as well as motivational songs like “Champs,” with Shady Nate. There’s also a song, which has a neo-soul feel to it, “Pandemonium,” reminiscent of that the ol’ skool funk music with Brody Loc and Big Vedo.

The new album also includes “When The Panthers Died” a musical of conscious hip-hop from Oakland Natives, poets and songwriters Minister King X, self professed, “George Jackson of Rap,” Stone Ramsey and Hoods of America, highlighting the state of the African American Community in America and also informing our community about their list history; well thought out teachable moments.

In the beginning, Ramsey recites a powerful poem called “Blood In My Pen,” describing the perils of marginalization and mass incarceration. Minister King X emphasizing, “You have to change your Gangsta Mentality into a Revolutionary Mentality,” a clear call to action to community members. Ramsey directed the video for this song as well, which dropped last month.

Since the first “International Blunt Funk”, Ramsey’s style, vision and high quality taste in music remains present in this album. He has been working on this behind enemy lines and up until now; totaling a 10 year span of production time.

And while each track varies in tone, they all are originals and circle back to one universal theme; “Blunt Funk.” There’s not a lack of eclectic styles, that saturates this project, which vibrates on a higher frequency .

International Blunt Funk 2” is a reminder that great music comes from the soul and unity can co-exist in the hip-hop community on an international level,” says Ramsey. With this new project, Ramsey has discovered what most musicians and artists spend lifetimes working for; an indelible legacy. Three words I can honestly describe the release of the album is, an “epic, game-changer” and fans as well as myself can’t wait until 05/2020.

Tee Stone