Mig Nandez – Quarantined

Mig Nandez, a rapper from North San Jose just released an EP, titled; “Quarantined,” on May 29, 2020. This album is produced by Hutch Slap and Novocain Beats.

“Ride 2 San Jose” one of the first songs on the album has a laid back Bay Area feel with a pinch of The Hyphy Movement sprinkled throughout the track. Genius move if you ask me. Truly fitting during these times. What could an Artist do other than make music during quarantine and then slap us in the face with some dope music to ride to.

”Quarantined” is available now on all major platforms. Go check it out!

Come on Baby don’t get lazy on me… I only believe in the things that I’m able to see.

”Ride 2 San Jose”

-Mig Nandez

Quarantined Mig Nandez




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