“DaMansnDem”- DaMans nDem

Holla at me if you know somethin, I’m tryin ta have my phone jumpin… All sales is off tha scale, I ain’t frontin nothin…

“100 on Dat”

~DaMans Ndem

Born To Rap…

They say the game is in you, not on you….

Tyrone Williams Jr, aka DaMans nDem is a thriving artist; hailing from East Oakland, California. His latest release is an album, self-titled; “DaMans nDem.”

I watched this artist mature, so I can personally vouch for his history, skill set, and drive. His music is guaranteed to give you that smooth vibe, with some gangsta jazz.



DaMans Ndem


“100 on Dat” is a dope song featured on the album. It has a vibe that reminds me of the moment Common meets Mos Def. It’s pure 🔥🔥🔥🔥. Go follow him on all social media platforms and Check out his latest visual.



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