Sabina Treal

ABM: What’s your model name?     

SabinaTreal: Sabina Treal or find me on Instagram as @allbaysabina

ABM: Where were you born and raised?     

SabinaTreal: I am from the Bay Area, California.

ABM: What is a cultural heritage or ethnicity?     

SabinaTreal: One-hundred percent Chinese.

ABM: Who inspired you to take modeling seriously as a career?

SabinaTreal: Just to name a few; Adriana Lima, Tyra Banks, Alessandra Ambrosio, Bacerocks, Kendall Jenner and Miranda Kerr.

ABM: What are of modeling interests you and why?

SabinaTreal: I love the beautiful artistry of the body movements, the facial expressions, style and fashion put together, along with the creativity of the photographer to form a masterpiece. I want to work my way up to make my own establishment.

ABM: What is your favorite genre of music?

SabinaTreal: Rap, Underground Rap and Hip Hop music is my go to, but I have an interest in many other genres.

ABM: Any favorite musicians you like to listen to?

SabinaTreal: There are so many talented musicians out there, too many to list!

ABM: What kind of men do you like?

SabinaTreal: I appreciate men who are mature, knows what they want and need in life to become successful, and just overall a REAL MAN that knows how to treat a real woman properly.

ABM: What are your favorite things to do with your spare time?

SabinaTreal: Working a lot gives me little time to spare. When I do get that chance, I like to learn new things, try new activities, and spend my time with the real ones.

ABM: What is your favorite foods you like to enjoy?

SabinaTreal: Oh my my…I LOVE all kinds of foods. I am such a foodie. I eat so much, yet there are still so much to explore! I love my steaks, ribs, all seafoods, Chinese food, Soul food, Italian food, Afghan food, Mexican food, and “cooked” sushi just to name a few!!!

ABM: Are there any places you would like to visit?

SabinaTreal: I would definitely love to check out South America, Japan, Europe, Australia, Korea, and some parts of Africa and Canada.

ABM: What’s your best moment in modeling so far?

SabinaTreal: My best moments in modeling is when I’m able to connect well with the photographer and building rapport to create a work of art.

ABM: Any last words or shout outs you will like to give?

SabinaTreal: Yes, I would like to shout out to Allbaymusic (@Allbaymusic) for being absolutely amazing and Ian (@Europeanian) for always working hard, creating and sharing successful paths with real talents and making things happen!!! I also want to give thanks to all my supporters and all the new ones to come. I appreciate all of you and let’s ride together and make it to the top!

ABM: How can people find you online?

SabinaTreal: You may find me most active on Instagram @AllBaySabina, Facebook at Sabina Treal, SnapChat @Trealbezy, Twitter @SabinaTreal and Youtube @TrealTreal


Height:         5″6″
Weight:         140 lbs.
Hair color:    Black
Eye Color:     Black
Bust:               35″
Cup:                Size C
Waist:             31″
Hips:               37″
Shoe:               7.5 Women
Dress:              4-6

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