Tone Capone – “Who Got that Gangsta, Gangsta Sh#T?!”

 Who got that GANGSTA,GANGSTA SH!T????!!!!! -Murder Was The Case Snoop & Tha Dogg Pound ft Swoop G In my Tony Montana/Scarface voice,”Say hello to my lil’ friend…..” Anthony Gilmour aka Tone Capone is one of the most decorated producers in the BAY AREA . He has brought us a litany of hits from the Luniz […]

They Call Him: Amari “Fresh” Jones

 I’ve been following boxing all my life. As, a matter of fact being a product of East Oakland, coming from the bottom, all I know how to do, is fight. So, when I tell you Amari “FRESH” Jones got hands, you gotta at least consider my analysis. If you can’t take my word for it, […]

Keak Da Sneak: The Iconic Hyphy King

Keak Da Sneak…“The King of Hyphy,” Bay Area Hip Hop Legend Charles Kente Williams, affectionally known to the world as Keak Da Sneak: “The King of the Super Duper Hyphy-Hyphy.” For decades he’s brought the world that raspy, energetic “Hyphy” tone. He was born in Brewton, Alabama and at an early age, moved to Oakland, […]

Who is Jake Zimma?

If anyone knows me, they’ll tell you that I’m like Simon Cowell when it comes to music. I mean, you REALLY must be talented to hold my ear… In fact, you got like 15 seconds… I met Jake Zimma, at The Grill Recording Studios in Emeryville, Ca. He was working with dual threat/engineer; Tayvon Carter […]

Sacramento Rapper, Snubbz set to release new album.

“When the prison gates fly open, the dragon will emerge…” -Ho Chi Minh If you know the heart and soul of the rap game, of the streets of Sacramento, many will tell you that that one of Mozzy’s, most respected comrades, is the notorious Snubbz. According to the block reports, the street rep for this […]

Cookies or Chronic: Who wins the race Berner, or Dr Dre?

Dr. Dre and Berner were photographed together recently…. Caption reading on Berner’s IG: “In 2020 we are checking off life goals, @drdre is such a humbled and cool ass person , great vibes and conversation . @powermovesceo thank you for the introduction my brother.” What could these powerhouses possibly be discussing? Will this be a […]