Tone Capone – “Who Got that Gangsta, Gangsta Sh#T?!”

 Who got that GANGSTA,GANGSTA SH!T????!!!!!
-Murder Was The Case
Snoop & Tha Dogg Pound ft Swoop G

In my Tony Montana/Scarface voice,”Say hello to my lil’ friend…..”
Anthony Gilmour aka Tone Capone is one of the most decorated producers in the BAY AREA . He has brought us a litany of hits from the Luniz ubiquitous weed anthem, “I GOT 5 ON IT!” 3xKrazy’s (KeakdaSneak’s, legendary triple-threat collective )Keep it On The Real, Mac Dre’s “Not My Job”(Genie In The Lamp) and Scarface’s banger, “Mary Jane.”
The list goes on and on…

I had a chance to sit down and chop up the music game and get his thoughts. As always, he was well dressed, and well spoken. The smooth blend of Berkeley-Oakland swag, that you gotta be a real Bay Area native to appreciate.

He gave me these jewels…..



Super Producer: Tone Capone

ABM: How did you start producing and what gave you the motivation to stay with it?

Tone Capone: Started as a deejay and fell in love with music.

ABM: What was your inspiration and/or who inspired you to become a producer?

Tone Capone: My inspiration came from a true love of music which made it easy to dedicate my time to. Listening to great producers before me was definitely a factor in my decision to become a producer. Marley Marl, Teddy Riley and Dr. Dre were some of the biggest inspirations in my career. They all had one thing in common, quality sound production.

ABM: With all the music producers in the world, what is distinctive about a Tone Capone Production?

Tone Capone: I’d have to say when I produce a record, I’m going to always put my creativity into it even if it’s a replay. The goal was to outdo the original version.

ABM: How long did it take you to start excelling with your career and how did you build contacts and/or clients?

Tone Capone: In 1987, I started working with different artists and signed my first deal in 1991. It was a constant build up since then. 1993 is when I started focusing on production and developing new talent.

ABM: How did you build contacts and/or clients?

Tone Capone:I built clients through my work, every project was a resume and a business card.

ABM: What are some of the biggest mental tools you can obtain to be successful in this field?

Tone Capone: The biggest mental tool I learned from this game is persistence and drive! Things don’t always go your way and can be a challenge. Some people will like you and some may not, but it’s your determination that keeps you dreaming of success and you can’t let outsiders discourage you.

ABM: If there was one word you could use to explain your experience so far while working as a music producer, what would it be?

Tone Capone: Unpredictable

ABM: Maintaining a successful career takes a lot of work and commitment,how much time do you dedicate towards your work?

Tone Capone: I used to do it 24/7, now I create as much as a project requires. The early years were like being in college studying. Now I apply what I’ve learned.

ABM: Who were some of the top musicians/artists that you’ve worked with and how was the experience?

Tone Capone: Rick James, Cameo, Angela Bofill, George Clinton, Brad “Scarface” Jordan, and Mike Dean.

ABM: What are some of the biggest projects you’ve worked on?

Tone Capone: Scarface- “Untouchable”, Lloyd Banks- “Hunger For More,” Mac Dre- “Genie of the Lamp,” Luniz- “Operation Stackola,” 3X Krazy- “Stackin Chips,” and SWV.


Just a few of many albums, Tone Capone has worked on… “Genie of the Lamp,” “Operation Stackola,” “Stackin Chips,” and “Explicit Game.”

ABM: Where can people find you on social media?

Tone Capone: I’m on Facebook under Anthony Gilmour and on Instagram under tone_5onit_capone.

Stone Ramsey
COO of AllBaymusic
COO of All Bay Music Magazine