Cookies or Chronic: Who wins the race Berner, or Dr Dre?

Dr. Dre and Berner were photographed together recently…. Caption reading on Berner’s IG:

“In 2020 we are checking off life goals, @drdre is such a humbled and cool ass person , great vibes and conversation . @powermovesceo thank you for the introduction my brother.”

What could these powerhouses possibly be discussing? Will this be a move in the direction of music collabs, or hemp products; straight out of our wildest imaginations? Is Berner going to sign with Aftermath? Or is Dr. Dre investing in the Cookie franchise? Yet, that photo alone was a chess move within itself.

Dr. Dre has blessed Hip Hop and the Cannabis Culture with a litany of hits and artists, from Snoop Dogg, Tha Dogg Pound, Eminem, 50 Cent, The Game & Tupac Shakur, to name a few. His iconic album; “The Chronic,” was an instant classic. It blazed the charts and put the West Coast on the map! Moreover, in 2014, Dr. Dre became a billionaire, with his longtime friend and business partner; Jimmy Iovine. Apple paid the duo $3 billion to purchase Beats Electronics — $2.6 billion in cash and $400 million in stock. The popular headphones, “Beats” was founded by Iovine and Dre in 2008.

Berner on the other hand, is a beast of a different nature. Native of San Francisco, Ca., this Hip Hop Artist/Entreprenuer has created a cult following and booming marijuana based brand that is the sweeping across America.

Berner begin creating limited edition screen print t-shirts out of his garage and selling them exclusively online. Through word of mouth, social media and street style hustling, every item created by Cookies SF would sell out within hours.
Due to the company’s increased supply and demand needs, Berner’s residential production lab and original two-man operation team soon became too small to keep up with the brand’s ever growing notoriety. In 2013, Cookies SF leased its first office and manufacturing space to help accommodate its soaring popularity.

By 2014, Cookies SF production and sales growth reached a milestone of more than 60,000 units sold and Berner decided it was time to expand the brand globally by partnering with fashion industry veteran Bryan “Weezy” Wilson, also a Bay Area Native.

Now, this “Cannabis god” is creating a franchise that has the potential to rival that of a McDonald’s. The marijuana industry is worth $50 billion for the U.S. today. And since experts have projected the U.S. industry to skyrocket to $80 billion by 2030; Berner is definetly a major player in the game. Only time will tell what these “chronic” tycoons have in store, but what we can assume is that whatever it is will be a great business move on both parts.

Stone Ramsey
COO of AllBaymusic
COO of All Bay Music Magazine