Tee Why Ent’s Blue Jeans and SOBxRBE Yhung TO beef ends with SOBxRBE members chain getting snatched

by Ian Jackson

SHOT’S FIRED!!!!!!! The two HOTTEST RAPPERS in the Bay Area, ” AIR IT OUT”….

The talented rap group from S.O.B. has recently skyrocketed into national fame, with their hit single,” SO ANTI “. Subsequently, Young T.O. a member of S.O.B., released a solo album and dropped a diss track about one of the Bay Area’s rising stars and rival, Blue Jeans, titled, ” SHOTS FIRED!” Blue Jeans, returned the favor with a blazing response, ” BULLETPROOF” And, according to reports an S.O.B., member ‘s chain was strong armed off him. See BLUEJEANS IG.

Hopefully these brothers will find a middle ground and settle their issues, we’ve already had enough tragedies in the Bay Area.

-Written in Stone
Stone Ramsey

Ian Jackson
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